Bringing out my eyes?

I got a new hairstyle and you can see my eyes better. I have green eyes with just a touch of blue, but I want to bring out the green in them. I really don't want to wear eye shadow or eye liner or anything like that because I am not a makeup person. I might consider mascara but I don't know what color would look the best. And it would be weird asking my mom to buy me some because I have always made a big deal of hating makeup, and I still do, but I don't think mascara is that bad. help!

Oh and I want something that people won't notice when they look at me. Like they won't say wow I can tell she's wearing makeup but I only want them to be able to see my eyes better and not know I am wearing makeup


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  • Well, since you are not an eyeshadow fan, I'd just stick with giving you the right mascara color for your eyes. I'd suggest using Light brown to bring out your green eyes for a casual morning look, but if you want to make it sexier or more appealing in this case, go with the typical black mascara. Purple also goes great with green eyes, but I am thinking you'd dislike it since you don't really put make-up on. I can give you some combinations with eyeliners, you obviously don't have to put the eyeliner on, its just a suggestion. Black or Gray eyeliner and Brown Mascara, Black eyeliner and Black mascara, Black eyeliner and Black-Brown mascara, Gray eyeliner and Black mascara, Gray eyeliner and Black-Brown mascara.

    To bring out the hint of blue in you eyes, go with the brown mascara as well. I would also suggest using a Brown-black color mascara. The darker colors around your eyes, i.e, your dark lashes, will draw attention to your eye color rather then your make-up.

    I'll also give you some eyeshadow colors that will bring out your eye color. You can alternate in a sense where you don't apply any mascara but just some light amount of eyeshadow around your eyes. Colors for the green eyes are: copper, gold, apricots, taupes, purples, plumes and metallics. For the blue - same concept except you can go with gray and black.

    I hope this helped and goodluck.


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  • Sometimes when I don't want to wear make up I just put on a touch of mascara, without it being noticed. and then under the lashes, on the lid I put on brown eyeliner just line the top lid and then make like an arch you know like if you were lining the top of your lashes but you're doing it on the inside on the top but without it being noticeable. My eyes are the only thing that stand out when I do this.

    Oh and you could wear something green.

    Hope this makes sense.

  • i'm honestly not sure how you can enhance your eyes without make-up. Honestly that is the purpose of make-up. It sounds like you want the benefits but don't wanna deal with it. Honestly, if you want to bring out your eyes, use a little make-up, it won't kill you or make you look fake. again this is just my opinion.

  • I don't wear makeup, but I'm pretty sure putting white eyeliner on the inner corners of your eyes makes them stand out more.