GUYS: What do you think when you see a women's clothing shop?

Today I was in a cafe next to a really cute shop It had some pretty summer dresses in the window and some cute wallet's (girly stuff) and I noticed a few guys when they walked past they had a bit of a look in the window (these were normal looking guys not camp or anything) so I was wondering what do you usually think?

** extra info all you could see was the shop front ( no one behind it)


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  • They may have been checking out a girl in the store or possible even looking at the dress/wallet as a potential gift for a gf/etc.


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  • generally I think how this dress will look like on a girl .. or may be checking it out to recommend it to a girl.

  • When I walk through the mall or a department store I'll notice things that I'd like to see a woman wearing. I don't know jack about the fashion world as far as the names of all the designers and what the styles are, but I know what I like to see on a woman and I do pay attention to what I might want to buy a girlfriend or wife down the road.


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