How can a guy talk to women about fashion and women's clothes?

How can a guy get a women to talk about this subject without her feeling weird or uncomfortable around him. Hoe can he ask questions?


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  • It's not too weird of a topic to bring up. As about her favorite brands, what colors she usually wears, who are her style icons. As long as the girl isn't judgmental (because of the stupid stereotype that only gay guys like fashion), she should be pleased and excited to talk about it. Maybe you could both save up money for a good shopping spree.

    • Interesting that you thought of shopping spree.

      How can you bring clothes in a conversation?

    • Comment on the ones she's wearing, say what you like about. Ask if that's typically her style and why she likes it, then go from there.

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  • Avoid all those ratchet bitches that thinks having a feminine side makes a man less of a man.

    • How do you notice those women first?

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    • Hmm. I'm not sure what you're really talking about

    • I want to talk to women about the kinds of clothes they like and why they pick them.

      One reason is to talk about something they like to talk about and the other is to learn how to design/draw clothes.

  • Why would anyone feel weird about that?


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