Okay so I was dress shopping for a wedding I'm attending soon with my best friend and I was trying on dresses and there was a cute guy in the hall way of the changing area waiting on his sister. I noticed he kept looking at each dress I came out in but when I would look over he would look away. Finally after I had it down to the one my best friend liked the best and the one I liked the best I announced to her "I just can't decide" he was standing to walk out of the area and he stopped and turned around and smiled and said "I think the yellow one looked great" and just walked away. I just laughed it off but was kinda secretly glad for an outsiders opinion. So I was just curious to why he did this?

Oh and by the way then later when I saw him in the store I had the yellow dress over my arm because I decided on it and he just looked at it then me and smiled and I was like ...random.


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  • My guess is this:

    He found you very attractive.

    He looked away because he didn't want to be rude and stare.

    The girl he was waiting on was his girlfriend or wife, not his sister, so he's not available.

    He still saw an opportunity to say something nice and hopefully make you feel good.

    It's really not an uncommon scenario at all.


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  • Because he thought you looked good in the yellow dress...? He may have been hitting on you, but if he just walked away, probably wasn't anything serious.

    • You're over-thinking it.

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