Skincare and makeup samples?

I am obsessed with skincare and makeup products. I am a total fanatic and I love trying new products, especially if it's something I can implement in my daily beauty routine; I have yet to find a brand and products that work just right for me. Only problem is that I can't afford any of the products right now as the company I work at is non-profit.

How and where can I get free samples of beauty products without much hassle? I have tried stores, but they are mostly against giving samples freely for some reason.

So where and how can I get free samples of makeup and skincare products?


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  • Try BzzAgent its free... sometimes you get a wide variety of things keep up with the surveys they send you so they can match you.. I've been sent on the beauty line so far 2 mascara 1 eye liner (together) some shampoo's (head and shoulders and patene) and one Oral-B 9000 brush... its awesome


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  • Not many places do it totally free now, you have to buy something to get it. There are some great beauty subscription boxes though... in aus we have a few like the Bella Box which is $20 ($16usd) a month (and you can skip months) but it has several full size and sample sized beauty products sent out to you. Might be an alternative option anyway

  • Realpurity. com
    They're not always free, but they're crazy cheap-like $1.50

  • Samples won't do enough to fix your addiction. You could try searching for stores that sell good quality products for cheap. I have found one in my place, it is called Oggi. They even sell stuff that on Amazon you could find them x5 the price. I am pretty sure that there are such stores in your area.


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