Girls if you wear contacts, please read?

i wear contacts and have for over 6 years because glasses bother me, and look horrible on me no matter what frame/shape they are because i have an oddly shaped and lopsided head sadly

anyways, if you wear makeup too, i have a question for you... does it burn your eyes?

whenever i put makeup on, my eyes burn so bad about 10 minutes into it all being put on. i either have to go the whole day with red watery eyes that feel like they're being stabbed and burned and look like i was crying hysterically for hours on end, or i have to immediately take it off and go the whole entire day without wearing any makeup and look like an extremely colourless monster

i wash my face well with warm/semi hot water before putting it on. also, i use some foundation, some concealer, a bit of eye shadow, a little bit of mascara, a swoop of eye liner (pencil cuz i suck at liquid) and occasionally a dab of blush but usually never unless i'm going somewhere "fancy"

how can i get it to stop burning my eyes to the point of just absolute pain? i don't press hard when putting it on, and i don't use a ton of products on my face either. i use hypoallergenic makeup and always have because i have really sensitive skin and even that doesn't work to help stop the horrible burning i get every single time i put it on


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  • This might be a silly question. Are you putting your contacts on and then doing your makeup? That's how I do it. My skin and eyes are sensitive too. Try a different multi solution contact disinfectant. Or try waiting a little bit before putting makeup on. I hope this helps.

    • i put my contacts in first, then wait while the solution dries and goes away from putting them in

    • Have you tried a different solution?

    • Yes I have and they all do the same. They're fine all up until I put makeup on

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