Why am I always so attracted to younger guys

so I'm turning 19 in a little more than a week. I've date 4 guys. 3 of em were 2 years younger than me, one of em was 3. right now I just got over a "craving" for my ex who isn't even 17 yet. why am I physically and emotionally attracted to 16-17 year old guys


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  • because you like how they look and behave? their level of energy and their bieng naughty maybe?

    But hey... there is nothing wrong with you ... I don't think they will mind and probably they will see you as hot and want to be with you . Go ahead.


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  • because your a cradle snatching whore!

  • That's different because most of the time girls usually date guys who are the same age as them or older.

    I don't know the answer to you're question but it shouldn't be anything to be concerned about.

    Maybe you like guys with a certain look, style of dress. I suppose you're more likely to know than anyone on here. Considering you know what you find attractive.

  • because you feel you are younger ;)

  • It's normally men attracted to girls younger than them.

    I think peoples genetics and upbringing determines who they're sexually attracted to.

    I don't see your attraction to younger guy as a problem. Nothing wrong with it.

    • Opps I voted you're answer down by accident, when I was supposed to rate it up. sorry : s

    • Lol that's okay! Thanks for telling me. Otherwise I would think I wrote something wrong!

  • You like being dominate in the relationship, its harder to do if the guy is older. If that is what you prefer for whatever reasons then good for you. Whatever does it for you does it ...keep doing it...

  • Maybe you like to feel like you're the more experienced one? You would rather teach than be taught.


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  • Yeah, I'm way more attracted to younger guys. I'm 25 and my boyfriend is 20. IDK.. I just love it. I was married to an older man but since divorcing I love younger guys. They are awesome.