Lasik eye surgery?

I've needed to wear glasses since i was little. i wouldn't mind contacts however... an optometrist said id have to wear glaesses for a year first. well i hate wesring glasses because they are concave and thick. and maybe if they were cuter maybe but... and i haven't tried contactd. honestly not sure if there will be a prescription for me. so how do i qualify for lasik eye surgery bedides the price? i wanna get it done.


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  • My buddy got a PhD in eye biophysics. I knew his advisor pretty well and we used to talk about LASIK. This is what she told me: " there's not an eye doctor I know that will let their kids get LASIK surgery." Why? Because you can scar the eye permanently in a way that cannot be corrected.

    Furthermore, it is a waste of time because your eye will change anyway due to presbyopia which LASIK cannot correct. So, all LASIK is, if all goes well, is a way to avoid wearing glasses for a few years.

    Save your eyes and wear glasses if you need vision correction.


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  • My cousin had laser eye surgery I think back in 2007-2010 or something and she loved it. Also a friend of mine got it about 2009 and she loves it too. I wanted it but I can't because I have autoimmune disorder and also I have really bad eyesight


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  • I'd just go with the glasses. Lasik is NOT worth it most of the time. My mother got Lasik and it ended up just making things worse and she needs glasses anyway. I'm sure you'd be able to pick out a pair of glasses that suit you; they tend to look good on everyone.

  • It's not worth it. I know several people who got it and the effects reversed in five years time. Between the high price, pain, and reversing, I wouldn't bother. Just find glasses that suit you. Change your style if need be.

  • I had lasik back in 2009, and there many in my family who had their lasik even before, as of now nobody had any issue, i do however have dry eyes for which i required eye drops but i never used them but still im fine untill now. Obviously there are chances of mishaps in any sort of operation but this is very rare i would say it might be 1 in a thousand. My girlfriend had the surgery as well last year she had surgery with some old technology as it was bit cheap and she had thick glasses too!!!

  • Lasik can cause quite a bit of complications. It depends. It works but there is a 1 in 5 chance you'll have adverse side effects

    Meaning you'll need constatly buy eye drops
    You might get dry eyes
    You might still need glasses
    You may not get 20/20 vision
    Your eye is permentantly changed
    And you only have one set of eyes - if things go wrong. There is no going back. Ever

    Really see if its that important first. If you noticed most optometrists have glasses lol. I don't think that's a coincidence


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