Henna lush yes or No?

I'm hoping a lot of you can help me out with this decision. I wanna go all natural with lushs items like shampoos, bubble bars, hair treatment, hair dye, etc. I checked out the site and I'm loving it but I noticed it's pricey and is it worth it? I also been dying, bleaching my hair for years so wanna go with their natural henna dyes and I'm wondering if my hair will go some crazy color since i have bleached my hair and have chemical dye atm. Any tips, thoughts and opinions? Thank you so much in advance :) x


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  • I work at lush and I've been using their products for 5 years. Lush is pricier than something at the drugstore but that's only because they have exceptional products. Their products have fresh ingredients, are 100% vegetarian, and all of the ingredients are ethically sourced. I personally haven't tried the hair dyes but my sister has. She likes the shine it adds to her hair and it adds a tint.

    • I'm thinking of going for lush anyways and see how it goes. Some people were saying if you have chemical dyed hair or bleached henna won't turn out or itll go all weird and ruin my hair. Do you k ow anything about That? That's the only thing that making me question about using the dye lol

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    • I'm a golden blonde with Blonde highlights atm. I wanna go either a reddish brown or dark brown/ black

    • That should be fine

  • I haven't used the henna from lush but I have used it from an Indian store. My hair was so healthy when I did use henna, it's amazing. If you can't afford it from lush you could always do that.

    • Oh, and the colour changes over time as you wash it so make sure you leave it in for as long as possible.

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    • Yeah I watched a ton of videos. Looks messy but if it's Gonna give me healthy hair and help it grow then it's worth it :)

    • Yeah, it's definitely worth it!

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