Help! How cam you tell the difference between a suit jacket, blazer jacket?

What pants color combos go with a grey jacket?


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  • Usually a suit jacket is made of a more soft, silky material. While a blazer is structured and made of a thicker, dense material. A dress suit jacket is meant for a suit, and paired with the appropriate pants while a blazer is a dressy coat, that can be casual, dressed up and paired with different materials / pants. (like a blazer and denim jeans, or a blazer and dress pants, etc)

    Here's a link that explains better: It gives you colour ideas and materials to differentiate the blazer vs the suit jacket.

    • Thank you sooo much!

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    • That's okay. It may benefit you to re-ask this question and make a new post with the pic. I'm sure you will get more reponses on it, and even further tips on how to wear it and how to style that jacket.

    • Thanks!

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