For a square butt, is it better to lose weight or gain weight?

I have a square butt. My pelvis sits high so nothing I can do will change it. Lots of working out has made it girl and high in the past but never changed the shape. Please don't suggest I lift weights because I've done that. I had a 5RM of 100 for squats and 65 for hip thrusts two years ago. I only weighed 50 kilos, too.
Now, for my square but, does it look better for it to be smaller and tighter, or with more fat?


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  • Dude hiii...
    Dont do anyting.. Natural one is best


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  • build muscle

    • Done that. Doesn't change the shape

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    • That's what I mean. I can't change it, it's my pelvis. But would making it smaller or bigger help my situation, do you think?

    • maybe bigger? but i'm not sure, you could always hire a personal trainer who will know how to help you reach your desired result

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