How do I make my pictures look good?

lately i've been getting so addicted with taking pictures and learning how to make them look good. but there's this kind of filter that I've been dying to learn but i just can't seem to know how. is there an app? or can it just be adjusted? the filter is like an old kind of picture. its like this..

ps. pls help me 😄how do i make my pictures look good??


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  • i think it depends on the camera and how you use it. if you have a good DSLR camera, and you know how to use it properly, then its all good


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  • Have you tried vsco? A6 and working on the settings

    • im using snapseed and adobe lightroom. i'll try that one. thanks!

    • To get an aesthetic vintage feed I use Snapseed to change colors of things I feel like would work better in other color or light and use A6 it makes the black blacker I usually don't have it all the way up. You also have this IG called omgfiltrs they have amazing ideas for photo editing

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  • Allways get a fore and back ground in the picture.


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