What is some clothing I can wear to cover my body shape?

I'm 15 and I'm a fast developer. My body is very curvy for my age but it's in my DNA. My family comes from Ghana and this is how our bodies are. I keep having people calling me "fast" and saying I'm "too grown." I just wear jeans and a shirt and I still get sent home from school. I can't help the way my body develops and I'm just really annoyed with adults saying stuff about it and boys trying to get my attention because of it. I've tried dresses. It still shows. I've tried looser pants but my butt still pokes out. What else can I do?


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  • I've had boobs since like 10 so I understand. You really just gotta wear what you like and let the skeptics know it isn't what you think it is. You could wear the baggy loose shirts I see in different places jean jackets and shirts they cover pretty well. And for the pants I don't know bc everything is gna for regardless so if you find certain shirts that drop that might help cover up back there. Look up some stuff

  • Oh girl I know how you feel. Wear clothing that isn't as tight.


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