What are Solutions for acne for a boy?

Somebody please help me with dealing with acne!


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  • You can go to your local gp and tell them that you're unhappy with your skin and what they would recommend to help fix it, that's what i did (even though my skin wasn't terrible, it could certainly use some improvement.

    I was on a antibiotic called doxycycline and a gel called epiduo (this is what my gp recommended) that goes with it, which cleared up most of my acne, but the epiduo was too strong for my skin and would irritate it and my body got used to the doxylin, so i asked my gp for a referral to a dermatologist. she changed my antibiotics to Trimethroprim and an over the counter benzol peroxide cream

    those are common treatments for acne, but yours a really severe, a dermatologist might even recommend doing roaccutane, but i suggest leaving that as a last option because it's very harsh on your body

    • if yours is severe*

      you can also try using proactive, but i don't rate that highly. i know a few people who have used it and it tends to bring the acne back after you stop using it.

      try the over the counter benzol peroxide cream, the one i have is called benzac

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  • First thing regulate your meals according to what doesn't boost your acne development.


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  • Try to find Salicylic Acid-based products. This has acne fighting properties that help reduce and prevent breakouts. I highly recommend you seek a dermatologist to determine the severity of your acne. Good luck!

  • How severe is it?


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