Do you like my shoes?

I wasn’t even planning on buying shoes, shoe stores in my area don’t sel my size, I was going clothes shopping
then I randomly wondered onto the shoe section

Shoe stores in my area don’t even have my size so I was not expecting to find anything there.
There was a section that said 14+

so I went there & look what I found!

Do you like my shoes?
Do you like my shoes?

Do you like my shoes?
& they’re actually my size

Do you like my shoes?
Do you know how rare that is?
Shoe stores don’t even sell my size, but this clothing store did.
I love them, by the way I have another pair that are the same brand as these, just not the same shoe

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  • They look like University of Florida colors which are fantastic!

  • I think they r really cool :)

  • Even I would wear them. I like them.


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