Dark olive skin or fair porcelain?

There is no doubt that if women stay out of the sun (like Japanese, Koreans, Scans, Russians) their skin is not leathery as they get older.

It's just confusing because SOME men say they prefer tanned yet as those girls age, they'd probably prefer someone who hasn't been as beaten by the sun.

What do you prefer? Your answer has to include how you like your woman to look now but also including how she would look in 20 years.


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  • Women who have natural dark skin don't age the same as someone with fair skin who tans. Darked skinned people have more melanin in their skin which actually helps them retain a youthful appearance. It's where the phrase Black don't Crack comes from.
    I like natural skin tones. If you are fair, stay fair. If you are brown, be brown, if you are black stay black. If you are multi toned, stay multi toned. It all looks lovely.

    • Melanin doesn't actually prevent you from aging. For example, in Aus, regardless of your skin your skin burns in 3 minutes of the incredibly harsh sun. Sun damage damages everyones skin, it might just more visible more on others.

    • But I appreciate it, I agree. Natural looks best. Usually goes with your features best.

    • I didn't say it prevents aging, I expressed that those with darker skin look younger. Melanin in darker skin is more prevalent which helps prevent wrinkles. Sun damage can happen to anyone I agree, but if you are using preventative measures, that will help. Not saying that everyone with dark skin looks young either. The way a person lives also has a lot to do with how old they look too.
      This was a good question. Thanks

  • Some people are naturally darker without staying out in the sun and some pale people can not get tan even if they tried, basking out in the sun for hours, they just get sunburned. I don't think skin tone has to do with texture much, but that's just my opinion.

  • Study's have show that black women age 10 years slower then white women because of Melanin being tan has nothing to do with looking leathery unless said person stays outside for long periods of time to tan.


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