Any ideas on horror nights outfits? (Female) ?

I am going to horror nights next Saturday (Sep23)... and it's my first time going so I don't know what to wear or what to bring. My group I'm goin with bought the day/night combo deal which is 2pm - 3am. I don't know what to wear or how many layers to wear...
I have bomber jacket, skinny distressed jeans, regular black jeans, leggings, army combat jacket with folding up sleeves, Jean jacket, I feel like whatever I wear I would put a tank top then the swear on top then jeans and whatever shoes... I only have Charlotte R. Combat boots, converse, vans, flats, and downtown alley sneakers😂 I don't have much... all I'm asking for is help like any ideas or whatever u got for me. Please no disrespectful comments.


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  • anything with less cleavage. 😒


What Girls Said 1

  • Skinny distressed jeans, army jacket and either boots or sneakers.


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