Getting looked at a lot, is this a good thing?

I don't think I'm that pretty (low self-esteem). I feel like I blend into the walls a bit.

I was walking around in the mall yesterday and guys kept on looking at me. And most of them were pretty cute. One guy was walking up the hall and wouldn't look away from me till he had passed by.

Did they think I was cute or something?

*I'm not used to this kind of attention


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  • i usually look at cute girls at the mall unless I'm with someone so I would think they thought you were cute


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  • Good for you!

    We are all our own worst critics. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

  • It could be cause they think you're cute, maybe not. A lot of the time when you're worried about how you look you kind of exaggerate these things in your mind though and get paranoid about people looking at you even though they might not have been looking at you for any particular reason. People glance around when they walk through the mall and look at other people, it's no big deal.