Will blue highlights look bad on medium to tan skin?

i want to get a pixie with long bangs and blue highlights on my bangs only. Would it look bad though? My skin is medium to tan like this woman here


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  • Blue highlights and hair dye looks decent on many types of skin tones; both tan, brown and light skinned people. I thinks natural hair colors looks much better and I don't like the look of unnatural hair colors, but I finds blue the best looking of them if done correctly. I thinks blue is better looking than purple, pink, green, yellow, orange orange etc.

    If the haircut ends up not as well as you hoped I doubt the hair color would be the major problem. In my opinion the majority of girls and young women suits long hair better than short. Most girls don't suit short at all, and especially not pixie, buzzcut or anything similar. Hair also takes very long time before it grows out and looks good. If you cuts it pixie short it would take you up to a year and a half depending on how fast your hair grows.

    These hairstyles don't look good on the majority of women and girls.



    If you wants to try a shorter haircut I recommends you to try medium first to get an impression of how you would look like with shorter hair without chopping of everything in the beginning. I thinks this haircut looks good. It's still long, but not regular long. It's also kinda shortish.

    • Thanks 🙂 So out of curiosity, would you say this would be a bad idea? I don't want it too short like a buzz but something like this basically. My hair is at the center divider of my back


    • In my opinion it's not a good idea, but some people may be disagreeing. Every people have different opinions, but it's common for guys to find long hair better looking on girls generally.

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  • Blue hair looks terrible on everyone and even worse with a pixie cut. Those are also horrible. Don't do it. Think of how horrible katy perry and miley look when they wack their hair off and how much better they look when it's long. That look isn't cute on anyone.


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  • I think it will look good and nice.


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  • It looks ok but do not make it to dark then it would look like you have a black eye

    • I have dark hair aha so like a not too bright not too dark blue?

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    • Thanks!

    • No problem

  • I would think it depends on the shade of blue.

    • What would look best on tan skin? And thanks in advanced!

  • Not really

    • Not really as in it wouldn't look good? Sorry lol just need some clarification

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