Any tips to control acne?

Since like 1 week that i stopped taking my antibiotics (accutane) my acne got worse. The reason why i stopped taking them is cause i started having diarrhea cause of it. Soo if u have some tricks that can calm down my acne, plzzz tell me


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  • I promise this works I did it the whole time I was in high school and it is consistent. Get some baking soda and I mean new baking soda not that crap that been sitting in your fridge for a year. Create a paste with it ( ad water till it creates a paste ) scrub your face with it every night don't be rough with it but do work it in. Rinse your face off and the first night you do it you will notice a difference just keep doing it every night and you will get clear and stay clear.


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  • Try pro active
    And x off or x mark something related to pro active

  • Probiotics and fiber
    Google it


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