Why do a lot of guys judge by looks?

Every time I see a really cute guy he either doesn't look at me,or he don't give me a chance.Like guys that know there hot always go for the Gorgeous hot chick with a bitch personality,instead of the cute girl with the best personality.it sucks


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  • Hey

    All I can say is that don't lose your confidence.

    Guys under 18 don't usually think with their brains... around 20+ they are thinking for real.

    I've seen good looking guys with less good looking girls and the other way around.

    Hope you get my point :)

  • I actually prefer a nice body and normal to moderately pretty face


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  • Looks matter, don't kid yourself that it doesn't. Guys go for the pretty girls because they're...pretty. It's always going to be like this. But if you want a long term relationship, you're also going to need a good personality to keep the guy around

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