Why does my mascara transfer under neath my eyes?

My makeup will look good then like an hour later I'll notice I have black underneath my eyes from my mascara do you know how to prevent that from happening or why it transfers?


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  • No idea how to prevent it, I don't wear it obv. Umm, it has something to do with the base of the mascara tho, just buy better/thicker stuff. Again, no insight, sorry. Even then, it only delays the process, the geizer is right, its unavoidable. As long as it makes your eyes pop, you're golden, even if it looks a little smudgy 😉👌


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  • So its the quality of the mascara and the fact you maybe in a humid climate without using a waterproof. If your price range is drugstore get l'oreal carbon black waterproof or lash paradise also waterproof. If you have more wiggle room with price try two faced better than sex waterproof or benefit roller lash waterproof. Like seriously any waterproof prevents this especially if you want longer wear.


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  • Physics and chemistry. Pure and simple.
    And as for how to prevent it from happening, don't put it on?

    • I knew I shouldn't have let guys answer this question please fuck off and find something better to do you forty year one old man

    • It it me or do kids these days have no sense of humour?

      Well that an a demand that things stop obeying the laws of physics apparently...

      I know I know grumpy, before you freak out and get all sweary because you don't know how to take a joke. I'm going. Good luck with your trantrumming.

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