Interview Tomorrow?

I have an interview tomorrow and VERY nervous.

Its for a job in a hairdressing salon.

Any tips for the interview? Much appreciated :)


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  • Dress appropriately because they will judge you on that

    Prepare for the usual questions:

    why do you want this job

    previous experience, etc

    Be sure to be yourself because they will be judging you on your personality to see if you can fit in with them


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  • I am sorry yesterday I had not read your question, anyway, I wish you success in your interview.


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  • Be confident, just fake it haha. Salons need to have a good image, so what they care about is that you make an effort with your hair and makeup and that you have an outgoing, personable attitude. So just act happy and smile a lot. Act friendly and outgoing, even if you're nervous. Just pretend you're not. Focus on the interviewer instead of yourself and you'll stop feeling so self conscious. Pretend you are interviewing them instead.