Girls, What Does it "You Look Nice" Mean?

The thing is, throughout my life I've had a fairly steady stream of girls who've liked me. I'm a nice guy who's polite and all that, but I don't talk extensively to people who I'm not friends with or people who I'm "Forced" to interact with. Since I'm not that outgoing, I was wondering why this is so.

When I asked a friend of mine, who has proven herself to be very shallow, "How good do I look?" She said, "You look nice." It's not handsome or anything, but still, what does it mean? Average? Above average?

Just a few notes: I'm around 6'7'' tall, but I'm lanky and I have a "Nice accent" apparently. (Also, I'm black, but that's besides the point XD)


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  • Usually I say "you look nice" when I dont really wanna show that I'm interested but still think you look good.

    • Thanks. That would make sense since that girl has a boyfriend.

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