What are some of your personal fashion choices?

For instance do you:
-Shy away from bright colors (red, orange, pink, etc.)
-Wear only shorts if its summer
-Never wear a belt... even if it's blue jeans >:(
Or do you just walk into a store or closet and go with anything that sticks to you?
I will mainly wear dark colored T-shirts and button-downs, sometimes will wear polos of any color and wear blue jeans even in the summer <-ridicule me if you must, I don't care
(P. S. for some of you no I'm not gay, just curious)


Most Helpful Girl

  • I like anything with bows, polka dots, parisian art, frilly, lacy. I like to wear anything black and animal prints. I am not a fan of white. I like to wear big accessories to pair with my outfit. I wear chiffon all year long, regardless of season. It all goes down to layering. I like to wear cardigans, jackets, nice coats and jeggings. I am petite so it is hard for me to find the right jeans and pants to go with my big fat ass lol. For shoes, I like ankle boots, or knee high boots with sheer or opaque stockings to go with my body hugging dresses.

    • Interesting, I particularly like wearing black polos, black tennis shoes and blue jeans. However, I usually buy the shoes that make that solid thud sound sometimes, makes me feel like my presence is known. :P

    • lol grand entrance

Most Helpful Guy

  • I prefer black, white, gray and blue as colors for my clothing. I don't like bright colors or pastel colors very well. I don't wear so much red, orange, pink, green, yellow etc. because it's not my taste. I've sweaters, jeans, t-shirts, shirts and hoodies in my wardrobe. I also have a coat I uses during the winter time.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I tend to wear retro/grungy clothing. Like rn I have blue jeans with cuffed bottoms and white addias shoes. Then I've got a brown belt with the front of my hilfinger sweatshirt tucked in and a greyish blue baseball cap that has the California bear on it.
    To give a idea of my fashion type.

    • There's this sleek black sort of spring/fall coat I have and absolutely love it... primarily because it has so many pockets.

  • I generally only wear dark colours. My casual look (90% of the time) is kinda masculine boho lol. If I'm going somewhere fancy, I'll dress femininely but I don't feel as comfortable then.

    • "Masculine boho" lol. I agree, it takes a certain kind of person to enjoy wearing the really fancy clothing. I don't care too much for fancy clothing, unless I get to wear a cool overcoat with brass buttons or something then it's alright XD

    • Yeah I didn't know how to describe it haha, lots of stuff from markets and second hand stores lol.

      Haha yes! Themed clothing ftw

  • I almost only wear "casual" colors (navy blue, white, black, grey)
    I don't wear skirts and dresses
    And I LOVE pullovers

    • Same, any kind of "dull" color is what I usually wear, am a shy type so don't like to attract to much attention.

What Guys Said 1

  • I’ll ususlly wear plain t shirts (some graphic) generally in black, blue, or gray, but bright colors sometimes. Shorts when it’s warm but jeans if I’m going out somewhere nice.
    I always wear a belt with my jeans and it’s black because that goes with anything.
    I wear sneakers mostly except in snow that’s boots, and sandals during summer or at the beach.


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