Girls, Time to become acne free?

I've got an event coming up soon and need my face to be 100% zit free.
How long does it take to get a nice clean face?

Imagine you just indulged in one of your favourite treats. The zits are going to appear, you just know. But how long can it personally take you to get your face nice and clear again?


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  • Drink a lot a lot a lot of water, it's good asf for ur skin and overall health. If u can, buy tea tree oil to apply onto blemishes it rlly helps zap them away. Also DONT TOUCH YOUR FACE OR PICK AT ACNE. Make sure to wash your face when you wake up and before you go to bed, and don't skip out of moisturizer. Eating green and avoiding dairy will also help u. Get enough sleep! Good luck :)

    • How much water do you drink?

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    • I am so glad you mentioned tea tree oil. I brought some and the results are 10 times better than any benzyl peroxide cream has ever done for me. They're coming up and fading away so fast. And no, I'm not popping. Popping leaves a red blemish for ages.

    • I'm glad I could be helpful :) acne sucks

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  • Cut out sweets drink more water exercise and make sure to at least cleanse tone moisturize and exfoliate twice per week wear sunscreen and do either a mask or sheet mask at least twice per week. Do all this according to your skin type and don't forget to eat fish since that has omega three that helps skin

  • That really depends on why you have acne in the first place. If it's hormonal acne, which is most likely if you really are between 25-29, then the only guarantee of absolute clear skin is menopause.

    • Junk food. Hormones aren't my problem except the odd zit.

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    • Because your body hates you and wants you to suffer and be ugly. Unless you're allergic to sugar or oil, in which case that's a normal intolerance reaction.

    • No allergies here. Not even bee stings.

  • It has a LOT to do with your diet, when i lost weight by eating better my skin also became clear and i wasn't even expecting it. Drink lots of water and cut out all junk food, eat clean.

  • Buy Differin.

    It is the only thing that has really worked for me consistently. It is gentle and great.

    I use lemon juice+apple cider vinegar for INSTANT spot treatment, but be careful. I also got a chemical burn from trying to cover too much area. Only use directly on zits.

    • These both work really quickly. I noticed within a couple of days.

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    • It's the consumption of junk that's my problem. I need to lay off the sweets and wait it out, but I've never deliberately waited before.
      Clear skin is attainable, since I've done it in the past, however I wasn't facing a 2-week deadline.

    • No idea :/

  • I stopped using foundation and other make up on my face except eyeliner and mascara. I noticed that the zits were actually an allergic reaction to the make up as professional acne treatments didn’t work for me. My skin has been clear for months now that I stopped using foundation and I just use cosmetic wipes to clean my face at night.

    • I have noticed that makeup isn't exactly zit-friendly.

    • *helpful in avoiding zits.

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