Is being too straight forward and honest a bad thing?

So I'm just me, I tell people how it is whether they're gonna like it or not. I'm one of those people that's not afraid to give friends and other people the answers they don't want to hear. I just give my honest opinion. Because I know when I ask a friend "how do I look" or something like that, I know I would want their true opinion instead of hearing "yeah you look fine". But on the downside it makes me look like a bitch. Is this a bad thing to anyone? Should I just learn to keep my mouth shut more often or what


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  • When you are brutally honest, you have a bad connotation attached to you. For guys, they are known as assholes and for women, bitches. Life is too short to hold your tongue. If someone asks you for your opinion on an issue, it's your right and duty to be brutally honest. They might not want to hear it, but at least they'll hear the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts. I world rather live in an ugly reality than live in a world full of beautiful lies.

    • Amen. I'm not seen as a bitch because I whine and put others down. I just tell them things they probably don't wanna hear. & at my age people just don't take it all that well

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  • Well, here's what I've learned about honesty so far, to be honest (wink, wink)...

    In the end, life always rewards the honest. It's one of the most highly desired and hardest to achieve qualities that other people look for in friends/partners. So if you're really an honest person, hold onto that. It's a wonderful skill/talent/virtue to have.

    BUT, and perhaps most importantly, there is a difference between "being honest" and "being mean." You will find, especially in your career and serious relationships, that there are times when it is actually inappropriate and BAD for you to be brutally honest. Look at the word itself- *brutally* honest. You've got your entire life to strut your stuff and show off who you are, but a big part of being happy is being able to get along with other people, and being brutal really doesn't work.

    Honesty is always a good quality, and always will be. But the ability to balance honesty with kindness and thoughtfulness is probably the most important skill of all. You will never know another person completely, and you should never force another person to know you completely.

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