What should I wear when visiting parents from college?

I really love my parents, but when it comes to my personal style, things are difficult.

When I lived at home, I had to lust over outfits on Pinterest and just wear either my super bright preppy clothing (I don't like florals, or bright preppy girly stuff), or what I often chose, an oversized hoodie with baggy jeans and sneakers--not "feminine and girly" like they idolized, but the combination was safe and no one could really argue. On special occasions I had to wear my preppy stuff whether I liked it or not.

I wear my real style in college--I cut off my long straight hair and grew an Afro (parents disapproved but not much that they could do, I had no hair; my dad came to accept and even like it, I think that my mom just tolerates it). I also like alternative things like dark/black lipstick, neutral/dark colors... my best description is borerline gothic, but inspired by high-end fashion. Yesterday I wore baggy black overalls, black Dr. Martens, a white crop top and black lipstick. I get compliments all the time on and off campus, but know that there would be chaos at home so when I'm there I dress pretty dowdy/boring or stereotypically girly which my parents love, but I feel sick wearing; I really don't like wearing bright colors and super-sweet preppy things, I just have bad connotations with them and it was never my style.

I'm thinking that it's best to bring my dark/neutral stylish clothing, but to tone it down. This is easy in the winter, but hard in the summer as they get upset if I even wear shorts above the knee. Any ideas?


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  • Wear what you want to wear. Who cares what your parents think


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  • Wear a nice classy dress or a pair of jeans and a black shirt paired with boots.


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