Should I still go for guys even tho I'm prego?

I'm pretty attractive and guys still look at me like they want me even though I'm showing but I get nervous that they would just want sex


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  • Shouldn't you be with the father of the soon to be child? ...if you're not, well than I'm sorry.

    But so what if the guys want just sex? You'll find a guy that will understand and help *hopefully* And the best part is, you can't get pregnant again *with twins* by some other guy <---- brightside =)

    • No. I'm not with him and he hasn't done sh*t. Its been really hard I'm kinda freaking out cause money issues... But I will probably end up taking out a bank loan :/ hopefully I meet a guy who will help me out and be a father figure if the bd isn't there

    • Thank you for the best answer. but good luck with the pregnancy, you're future child, and finding a father figure =)

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  • I'm not saying you should quit, but it will be hard for you because there are a lot of guys who have odd sexual fetishes for women who are pregnant. I can't explain it because I'm not one of those guys. It's a fairly safe bet that 90% of the guys who are checking you out are those guys though.

    • Yeah your right. I heard reasons about why prego sex is better lol. I can only hope I meet someone who will help me out. Being single and prego is very stressful. I need emotional support and financial. Its tough.

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