Girls & Beauty Experts (if you consider yourself one): I am in doubt about a possible new addition to my skin care routine?

It's a bit lengthy but please stay with me.

I have combination to oily skin and have had acne my whole life. It took me years of experimentation of different products and routines to get my skin on track.

I am 21 and only recently (about 2 months now) discovered the first and only skin care routine that has started helping my skin

It goes as follows:
•Wash face with Dove soap (sensitive skin)
•Cleanse skin with Garnier deep cleansing lotion
•Apply Nivea Soft moisturiser / vitamin A & E oil with shea butter extract (if my face is dryer than usual

•Wash face with Garnier Skin Active 3-in-1 face wash
•Apply Nivea Soft
•After that has been absorbed, I apply a sunscreen moisturiser

Before applying makeup:
•Rinse face with water
•Use Garnier deep cleansing lotion
•Apply Nivea Soft
•Apply Nivea Daily Essentials with spf
•Apply BB cream and then makeup

This has made amazing changes to my skin. It's a bit smoother and brighter, my acne is considerably less (although I have some here and there - especially on cheeks)

Yesterday I recieved a tube of Pond's Spot Clear Foam Face wash. I want to use it as part of my night-time routine, before I apply my Garnier cleansing lotion. I was thinking that an extra deep cleansing product may go a long way, but I'm afraid if I use it my skin will go beserk and I can't afford that right now, especially since I am going on vacation for a week on September 29.

What are your thoughts here?


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  • I think you should keep your routine as simple as possible, using a lot of different products will probably do more harm than good. If your current routine works, don't change it.


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  • I don't know using a lot of skincare products is bad for your skin.


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