Girls, Leggings?

Hi.. i love wearing leggings.. i just love its soft stuff, so many colours, the fitting, the comfort everything about leggings.. though when i wear leggings it gives a girly feeling but still i love it.. i wear leggings when no one is at home.. i m male 27 and married.. shud i share dis wid my wife or sumone in d family dat i like it.. will she understand or allow me to wear leggings.. please suggest.


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  • I love leggings too. They're so great! I don't know if other would people would understand since it's mostly girls who wear them, but if you want to wear them you should. They're just clothes after all. I believe anyone should wear anything they want.

    • So what do u suggest shud i share dis wid my wife or not? Am i doing anything wrong in wearing leggings?

    • I've never been married or even dated so I'm not the best person to give you advice on that, but I don't think you're doing anything wrong wearing them.

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