What do you name this feeling?

So I like a guy... so badly... I'm head over heels for him. Most people crush on him because he is way handsome.. but that wasn't a great big deal for me, basically I like him because of his amazing personality, and I fell in love with him eyes.. when he looks at me... basically I like him, because he used to look at me and I fell in love somehow... I don't know.. now, I'm head over heels.. and I can't stop!

Anyways, today I was looking at him, we were in an exhibition.. and somehow, our table was next to him... and I was facing him, I was in dream world.. and I was just watching him, and this guy just moved his finger over the front of his neck in this strokey way... like he had folded his arms and one hand was holding his chin up... and he was thinking deeply while they were trying to solve something.. and the hand that was holding his chin up, just came down and with one finger, just trailed the way, from his chin, and to his Adam's apple... and the way his finger traced across the curves of his neck... oh gosh... and I don't know... I couldn't breathe.. I couldn't even look at him anymore.. the feelings were so strong.. I felt a rush of feeling down at the bottom bottom of my stomach.. I felt horrible.. I have never felt like this before... and every time I think of it.. I get the shivers... all over... his eyes kinda do the same to me.. but that's OK right? Not like this...

My question is, what is this feeeling...? and is it OK to feel the way I do, if you are just 16? Because it feels so wrong to feel like that...


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  • Hahaha I know how you feel.

    There is this guy in my class that everyone think's is cute and funny.

    He is gorgeous and his personality is so cute! He has got a great sense of humor and kind of acting childish which I find so adorable.

    I always find myself watching his every move. Just thinking of him makes me smile and feel warm inside.

    I love to watch the way he looks down, smiling a little shy when he has done something embarrassing. And I die every time I hear his laugh or look into his eyes.

    I just want to be near him, you know.

    It hurts though because I know he will never be mine. =)

    • Same here... this guy flirts on and off with me.. talk about hot and cold.... but, I have never felt that way before... it felt really scary...

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  • lust. you want him. bad. its instinct to crave something you don't have.

    • Have you felt that way before? and is it wrong to feel that way????

    • Totally normal to feel this way. its not something you can put a name on. I have a boyfriend of a little more than two years and I love him but I never had this feeling in my gut. this primal uncontrollable urge. but back in high school I felt it towards some boy. I never acted on it but maybe you should. you never know.

  • you had a mini orgasm :p well from what you described that's what it sounded like...and yeah it's OK to feel that way...because he's handsome...but are you sure you don't like him just because of his looks?

    • Reallly? Oh god.... no way... I'm 100% sure, I dont.... because he is not my type... so not my type.... Thanks for your answer btw...

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    • Totally.... he matches me.. if you think of the fact, opposites attract... I swear, my love for him, has nothing to do with looks.. that's for sure..... but are you sure, that's what I felt.... have you felt like that bfore?

    • No I was only joking about the orgasm thing.... :)

      even though I sounds like that lol. I think you just REALLY like him.. :)