Which guys hairstyles do girls like?

Hi I'm 21 and have long hair, not too overgrown and I'm curious which hairstyle do girls find more attractive of guys?


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  • Every girl has diffrent taste bit what girls like is when a guy has his own opinion so wear it as you like it, as long its clean and you like it, its perfect

    • Yeah exactly like as if you'd don't mind me having long hair and so! I think long haired dudes (I'm straight) are the coolest looking because I am a violinist and have been inspired by 70s 60s musicians who ALL had long hair and it's just amazing

    • this is awesome dude, wear it as you like it
      tell me you didn't cut it... because of some chicks on here that told you too

    • No I have not cut my hair to the short style because some girls said so! I only cut it when my fringe gets long to an extent that it obstructs my eyesight and I can't see my music score (s) properly 😂

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  • This is really up for debate but I have had a lot of luck with the faux hawk/shaved side of head look.

    One day I cut it short and didn't put gel in and a girl that previously called my faux hawk style douchey admitted that she preferred it


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  • i prefere a guy with shorter hair like jensen ackels, but i don't mind longer hair - especially if you can put it into a man bun like jared leto

    • Well I wanna be the next John Lennon!! Long hair is life and I am NOT gonna be short haired just for the sake of pleasing girls and society!!! I keep my hair long and I'm proud of it!!!

    • have fun dude, i'm not saying anything against it. i just pointed out my opinion since i'm a girl and you kinda asked for it. in case i used jared leto as an example for someone with long hair who looks good to me 🤗

    • No problem 😊

      Sure I have fun and also the reason I like to look like John Lennon is that:

      1: he is a total legend and xcellent musician (so heartbroken about him been shot dead 😢)

      2: I play the violin and I'm part of a uni music band 🎻 hence my username

  • I like short hair

  • Short hair


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