What do people think of feminine guys?

First things first is that I am straight! I look like a guy and talk like a guy but I never really got along with them (mainly cause they are into sports way too much) so I normally spend time with groups of girls. I was wondering if people find guys who are always around girls as unattractive or weird


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  • Of course not, you should not worry about what people think, you get along with who you want. +girls are a great company


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  • People will accuse you of being feminine for so many different reasons.
    Just the same as you I am also a straight man and people have called me feminine for various different reasons like the music I listen to I am into a lot of gay artists like Culture Club George Michael and Freddie Mercury and the other reason people say it about me is because of the way I dress. So people will always jump to none logical conclusions to put labels on people. You should just be true to yourself and take no notice of what people think of you. Remember if you hang around with a lot of girls its a 2 way thing in other words they are choosing to have your company to so don't let it effect you too much.


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  • Don't trip potato chip.
    U r who u r... don't let other people label U... U label yourself!
    By the way I got a lot more girls as friend then guys... And I feel fine.

  • Sounds pretty normal to me. Anyone has a problem with that, they're probably an idiot.


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