Is that considered fat?

I'm 5'6 and weight 143 Ibs, is that considered fat?

Plus, even after I lost about 20 pounds, my body is still not adjusting and I was hoping I could get a few advices and tips here about working out and such, all kind of stuff you got to do to get some muscles.


(I'm not an English speaker, so I had to convert the weight and height to feet and pounds, lol)


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  • Hmmhmm depends...

    My friend is 5'0 (150cm) and 140lbs (62kg) and I wouldn't really say she's fat. She's more like... chubby, and I actually think she's pretty hot.

    As for working out, I'd say running once a day and doing situps afterward, would be a good way to go. Also try eating many small meals in one day, instead of just breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat like, eggs and cereal in the morning, some fruits at around 10am, then have lunch but don't stuff yourself. Then have a snack at 4-5pm and then later at night eat dinner.


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  • I would need to see a pic, preferably a naked one.


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  • Oh love :( I hate how society drives women to seek out these impossible body types. Women are meant to have curves. I don't know of too many men that want a woman with no curves... embrace your body, love it, own it.

    I'm sure you are gorgeous... you just need to see that within yourself :) Weight and height is subjective... I realize that people say there is this ideal weight... but that's ridiculous. We all wear our weight differently, but you sound fine. Love yourself sweetheart, and others will follow suit... trust me :)

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