What is the best way to get an attractive girl's number?

What shall I say, when and what sort of location?


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  • Be the kind of guy that an attractive girl would want to give her number to. The more full and interesting your life is, the more you will have to say. The more involved you are in interesting things, the more likely you are to meet attractive girls that you have things in common with... and you'll have an automatic way to start a conversation with her too. The most important thing is to start out seeming to look at her and relate to her in a completely platonic way. Then, as she begins saying interesting things, start to smile more easily. Laugh with her. Joke with her. Slowly start to flirt a little bit. Don't overtly say that she is pretty, and wonderful and god's gift to men everywhere. Just flirt enough to let her see that you are interested.


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