Please help! very thin hair?

My hair is very thin, however I have a lot of hair. When i want to tie it up with hair ties, or use bobby pins it doesn't stay in the same position when i start walking around. i have tried using multiple hair ties and hairspraying bobby pins but it doesn't work. also when i curl my hair, after each individual curl i hairspray the entire curl, and at the end hairspray it all again, but it doesn't stay for more than 1 hour! any advice/ hairstyles?


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  • Go to a salon and talk to the hairdressers. They'll help you turn your hair into something you love.


What Girls Said 2

  • For putting your hair up you could try spin pins and see if that helps

    And if you want to style your hair it might be easier if you let your hair get dirty first

    • I've tried not washing it for 1-2 days and then curling/doing it but it doesn't help

  • Texturing spray

    • I've tried that and dry shampoofor volume, but neither work

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