What are your thoughts on "Bindi"s?

many times when I see girls / females without a Bindi, I think that something is missing​ lol!

What are your thoughts on Bindi s
What are your thoughts on "Bindi"s ??What are your thoughts on "Bindi"s ??What are your thoughts on "Bindi"s ??What are your thoughts on "Bindi"s ??What are your thoughts on "Bindi"s ??What are your thoughts on "Bindi"s ??What are your thoughts on "Bindi"s ??What are your thoughts on "Bindi"s ??What are your thoughts on "Bindi"s ??
  • I love Bindis
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  • I am okkay with it. I don't like it very much!
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  • Not my stuff completely!
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  • I have not tried them yet but i would like to.
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  • Oww shit ! I like them but they won't look nice on me sadly.
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  • I hate them!
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Hey Hey listen,

Okkay , this is a "Indian " stuff, and you don't want to look or be "Indian "
You can share your views regarding this , but but but

I want you to think only about yourself and your own face considering it as a beauty or fashion item

Forget what people will say!
Forget that it is not from your religion!

Take it only as a fashion item.

And answer only two things --

Do you like the idea of applying it?
Would you like to try it?
Will it look good on you?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I like them, but I'm not Indian so it would look strange on me

    • πŸ˜‚. it would look nice

      its a sign of being Indian but can't you look at it as a fashion item?

      what is strange about it?
      it looks nice on many girls.

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    • Uh just pointing this out-when a girl applies a red powder (called sindhur) on the base of her hairline, it's a hindhu symbol of her marriage. But wearing it any other way is just the same as any other fashion item girls wear. Girls regardless of religion wear it here. Go ahead and wear it if it looks good on you. I personally feel a small one would look good on any girl regardless of race

    • @devasabu exactly what i want to say!

      what has fashion & beauty to do with country or religion ? lol !

      and why are people talking about religion, culture and rituals here?

Most Helpful Guy

  • I like the smaller ones on a woman, but the big huge ones, no thanks. But I'm a white guy. Although I'm more familiar than most whites with Indian culture. I love a small stud on the side of the nose too.


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What Girls Said 6

  • I just view it as an Indian cultural thing, accept it, and move on.

    • do you think they would look nice on you?

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    • if you are fair , then they would definitely look good

      if you have darker skin , the shiny silver coloured will look good!

      small Bindis always look v. good!

    • Cool, I'm very pale

  • Wow the first one is hot.

    • she is regarded as the most attractive women in the world!

      her name -- Deepika Padukone

      she is an Indian Bollywood actress!

  • They're nice.
    I do wear them on occasions.

  • I do not wear.

  • I think bindis are very hot. All girls should start wearing them. It's a real turn on for men.

  • i don't like it


What Guys Said 2

  • I'm not Indian but they do look good on Indian girls

    • what has the country or religion to do with fashion?

    • Because I only ever see it on Indian women it's something I associate with Indians. Also it complements Indian women better than it does white or black women (imo)

  • They're nice.
    I do wear them on occasions.

    • can you unblock me please
      i can't even add a upvote to your opinion if i want !

      i said what i thought becoz being in front of camera makes most of us nervous and the pic turns out to be unnatural!

      i didn't have any intentions of hurting you na dude!

      at that time. thought your smile is kinda unnatural, but this was only my opinion on the photos

      photos are never the reality! please!

      i think ,,, the way i look to people with my eyes is also very strange,,, so ,, then What's wrong? i accept it

      u could have made a comment on them in return with a smiley face !

      why blocked me?
      you are such a nice person to talk!

      my choice of words is not nice because I M not good at English!


      please unblock me bro!

      i used word " strange" but , i dont understand the complete meanings of words , so i m often mistaken in making choice between words !

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    • can't understand 1st reply Nahid

      were you saying that to me

    • πŸ˜β˜ΊπŸ™‚πŸ˜πŸ˜

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