Handsomeness evaluation?

I am 37 years old and using dating apps because I'm recently single to No Luck. I mean I don't think I'm ugly Nora model but it's my hair out of style what's going onHandsomeness evaluation?


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  • This pic is weird af

    • Well I don't see what's weird about it but it's not the one I use it's just morning time off last one in the bathroom but do please inform me

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  • I don't know if this the place for that... GoodLuck😶

    • I'm not showing off or boasting I'm being honest and I wish you guys quit hating on me I can't help it gravity you treated you worse than me

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    • First off what do you care other than hating second of all no reason I knew to do this as I saw multiple ones third you have an option for a comment and a picture dumbass or I'm in dating it's a valid question so for the second time sorry you're ugly f*** off

    • Eww... uhh okaay... do I really have to go in on this?

      Sorry if you're insecure or whatever, but..

      1. I was giving you some advice to come off as... uhh.. less creepy as possible.. but you're mind is in a bad place and cannot process constructive criticism.

      2. This isn't a complete thought, but now you know.

      3. I'm not a dumbass! That's cool that you're hitting the dating scene again, but lose the attitude cause your ugly is showing.

      P. S.
      When was the first time you called me ugly😭. Just tryin to help people in need duude!

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  • Well your not bad , you look good enough, may be try being positive.

  • you look good


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