Did she do it for the right, or should I just go to a different salon next time?

(I decided to color my hair for the first time. I wanted change, and I was into the color Platinum Silver.
I guess you can look at is as a very blonde/white color.
MY GOAL was to get my whole hair colored like that. My natural hair color is a dirty blonde.
I got into the salon, and I told the lady what I was wanting to do with my hair. I showed her pictures, and she mentioned how the girls had highlights. I look at the picture again, but their full hair was the color I was going for. The hairstylist literally talked me out of getting my hair highlighted instead. She looked at me, and she mentioned that I basically shouldn't.

I kind of looked at her confused, and I was a bit frustrated at first. During the hair process, I thought to myself maybe it was best to get highlights. I'm still thinking to myself that I wanted my whole hair to be that color. Was that wrong of her to do that? It was my choice.

I about got up and left, but I was being very indecisive at the moment.
( Check out my profile picture to see my new hair. )


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  • She may have been too pushy, but next time just be more assertive and tell her what you want. She doesn’t need to push for her way if you’re sure of what you want


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