What makes a guy attractive to girls?

in your comment place these qualities from best to worst (top to bottom) In their likeliness to make a girl find you more attractive.

if you want, expand on why you think so or you can add your own idea(s).

good body, charismatic, confident, style, intelligence, height, attitude.

and money :) (by suggestion of moaterboat)
Smells good and nice smile, Suggested by prettiestwreck


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  • It depends on the situation.

    If it's just a random guy who I don't know who I see and feel attracted to, it would probably be something like this: Good body, style, height, confident, attitude, charismatic.

    And even still, confidence can include charisma and attitude. And good body, style and height are all physical attributes. Can't tell how much money a guy has just by looking at him either..

    If it's a guy who I know as an acquaintance or friend, then his personality would come first.

    Good luck.


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  • I definitely agree with "prettiestwreck". If a guy smells really good I go totally crazy. BUT I am not suggesting that you put on a whole bottle of cologne. This might sound cheesy, but you could ask some girls you know like a sister or friend and ask them what they think smells good just to get idea of what girls think smells good.

    Dressing well will pretty much guarantee you points with a girl but if a girl senses or sees that you are cocky or totally in love with yourself, she won't like you no matter how nice you dress or anything.

    *This isn't what you were asking but I wanted to say that you shouldn't change who you are for every girl just so they will like you. If a girl wants to change everything about you or makes you feel like you're not good enough then she is deifnitely not worth your time*

  • i'm a looks girl and 16 from the UK like you babe - 1 think , confidence is Key! guys who know what theyre about, take no sh*t and stop for a second to look you up and down then move on really turn me on ! you'll get slapped a few times but hell ! you just might get ass!

  • smell.lol any guy that smells good as he's walking by definitely gets a double take and I like sweet/innocent looking eyes, they're nice to stare into =).

  • a loving caring and kind personality NOT thier looks :)

    that doesn't just making them attractive it makes them amazing !



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  • you left out money.

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