Beyond the zone color jamz ?

what do you think of their hair dye...i bought one of their hair dyes...i haven't dyed it yet...but I was wondering what your experience with this product was like?... I bought crimson storm by the way :)


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  • I have one-piece pajamas with feet.

    • Hahaha what?

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    • Thanks. Haha. I like being random. Definitely get some, they are awesome. I wore my red ones to the store and everyone laughed at me.

    • Lmao you had to know that was coming :p

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  • Oh my God. I'm sorry you wasted your money!

    Seriously, I bought bubble gum pink Beyond the zone color jamz.. babe I hope I got a bad batch, because I had to dye it four times before it barely showed up.

    Hopefully red will be different, but I thought my pink was very highly concentrated.. but it wasn't.

    Sorry lol.

    • Aww you serious? booo :(

    • Yeah, it was like a year or so ago, so maybe they changed the formula around, hopefully! lol

    • I saw someone dye it..and it came out nice..but...hmmm I dunno.... I really hope it works. if not I'm gonna be p*ssed lol