Trying hard to dress well?

I'm a male in my late 20s, pot bellied, spectacle, brown skinned, short measuring 5'6 with small body , not good looking and with narrow shoulders. That should not deter me from dressing well I hope...

Dresses never fit me and I look like a slob no matter how hard I try.

Almost all my dresses are manufactured my reputable brands, some even designer labels. I prefer dark colors, without any pattern or stripes and full arm pullovers and full trousers. At the moment I'm wearing a black T shirt (full arm), blue jeans and sport shoes.. they don't look nice on me though.

Ladies, please show me the light, since you usually have better dress sense. Gentlemen, you are also welcome give some some advice and share your insight.


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  • Well because you are short maybe wear a fitted short sleve shirt with blazer or vest and straight leg jeans. Working out never hurts go for a run or just go to gym. Don't say you look like a slob silly. How you act and feel is gonna show on the outside. I teseted this believe me =)


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