Junior clothing?

I'm from the UK and am confused by "junior" clothing when I've looked on American clothing sites.
Here children's clothes are sized by age and normally go up to Age 13 (sometimes age 16) and then most girls start wearing small women's sizes like UK 6 or 8 when they're around mid teens so the same as a small sized woman of 50 could wear.

What actually are Junior sizes? I am a UK size10 mostly (so US size 8 I think) so could I wear Junior sizes or are they like teenage 13 year old clothes?


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  • Juniors clothing (the odd numbers) is cut more child and teenager cut so its more straight cut. Womens clothing sizes (the even numbers) are cut more curvy so they are bigger in the bust and hip areas. I wear a small in womens but would need an L or XL in juniors to fit my boobs into.

    Now with my UK and European clothing I also have to buy a size or two up bc an American small is bigger than a uk small. I would say size wise that uk clothing is cut similar to us junior sizes.

    In calvin Klein I wear a small while in uk brands like save the queen or karen millen I need a large. Also need a medium or large in italian made brands like roberto cavalli, dolce, miss sixty, and gucci. So.. that should give you an idea


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  • There are kinda like teenager clothes, see teenager follow a specific trend based on movies or music do try be discreet while going through the section. Don't follow the trend you'll be fine with whatever ever fits you

    • So they are 'adult' sizes? But the actual fashion themselves are aimed at teenagers/younger people?

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    • Hey obviously we are speaking for the benefit of the asker, I told the thing I know when I used to work as the stores. I didn't know they were different we were told they are for different body types.

    • Both of us had some experience in clothing merchandise but we are debating no wonder she is confused.

  • Can you follow my account, I have been trying to pm you.


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  • American junior sizes used to be able to be worn by older teens early adults but as the market has evolved the junior section has become very childish I would advise looking at the young adult section junior sizes do have some really great items but it's very rare also make sure you get the right size you don't want it to be too small


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