Do white guys like black girls?

So I am a black girl who finds white guys to be very attractive. I was just wondering would a white guy ever consider dating a black girl.

ps. I am not the typical stereotype black girl. I like pop and rock music,very preppy and girls, and I do not wear weave hair. My hair is naturally long

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  • yeah, white guys like black girls...i don't think you should go out with a guy who likes you cause your black. don't go out with someone who is looking for a black girl...yuh know? go out with someone who doesn't notice your skin color...race doesn't exsist...just like time. It's a man made concept, and nothing else in the world, besides humans, knows anything about it.


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  • I do, because I believe race is a product of social construct. if I like her, I like her regardless of rac. I find black girls that are as dark as night to as light as day equally attractive but I don't really get this whole issue with weaves... I actually find black girls natural hair very attractive and I don't see why so many black girls choose to wear it down, I mean if that's how she lieks it cool but there is nothing wrong with it natural. :P

    • That is very well said. I agree with the weave issue. I don't understand why so many people would wear it in there hair. I only wish that there where more guys like you who feel the same about black women.

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    • A lot of white guys think that black women want the thug type white boys,and that is not true. I looked at your profile and you seem like a really good guy. Any girl would be lucky to have you.

    • Oh I never thought that, I mean't physically because it seems like a lot are into the emo type guys and thanks

  • I've gone after black girls before, yes.

    Actually, my current girlfriend is half black. Not exactly the same, but she has the same skin tone as a lot of the lighter black girls.

    The main thing that tends to turn me off about black girls is not what they look like, but it's their attitude. I DO NOT dig the whole ghetto thing... huge turn off.

    It really depends on the girl tho... white, black or whatever.

    • I agree with the acting ghetto part. I believe that is a huge turn off to men in general regardless of race.

  • Depends on the girl...

  • no way in hell


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  • link

    click on that so many white have said they like black girls

    • Wow thanks for the link I did not know so many white guys liked black girls