What do I do in this situation?

OK, in my closet, I have a lot of clothes that I used to wear before I lost like 30 pounds. It is not clothes like Hollister, or Aeropostale. It is mostly polos from different designers. Whenever I wear those clothes, they're XL or L, it looks like it was stretched out, and it looks like I am fat, which I am not anymore. I am 6 feet tall, and weigh 170 pounds. I used to weigh like almost 200 pounds. But I lost the weight. So what should I do? I barely have enough money for new clothes.

I barely have like 100 dollars haha


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  • 1. Thrift stores are great an really cheap.. Only problem is that I know some people who just hate the idea of going to them but if you don't mind doin a bit of work you can usually find a couple pieces that are a) unique, b) pretty cheap, c) has a vintage look =)

    2. Every person has a couple pieces that they really love. It really sucks to have to get rid of them so try to save them by taking them to a tailor/alteration place =) If they can do it it'll usually cost between 7 and 12 bucks a piece so I mean I'd only take your favorite few pieces on this route.

    3. If your having an issue with your jeans.. seriously buy a black or brown leather belt for any jeans that still look good on you (out of the ones you don't need altered so on the slimmer side of them).

    4. If something only needs really minor changes you can always try shrinking them through the wash. This method only works well if the piece is only made of one type of fabric and has no zippers, because well metal doesn't shrink =P

    5. Eventually save up and pick up a piece as you go along(a light, shallow v neck sweater sweater will save your life.. It's the favorite thing in my wardrobe. I'd definitely look into getting one.. Mine was 20 at H&M but you can definitely find them almost anywhere. You've been given the opportunity to reinvent your look!

    Honestly you can probably get this done 70-80 bucks but you should plan it out carefully after taking a good look at your wardrobe.. The key is to go for classic looks (Blue jeans and a white, grey, black tee. Cherry red sweatshirts work on a skin tone really.) that have interchangeable pieces (don't save a piece that only goes with one other thing in your wardrobe you know?)

    For the moment think on the bright side.. If you ever wanted to go gangster you'd already have tall tees and saggy jeans =P

    Good Luck. Oh yeah and nice job on the weight loss! I'm 6' and 153 pounds and thinking of bulking to around 160 so you're in a great range with lots of company now.

    • Oh and on a side note... PLEASE don't buy anything with the brand name written all over it in big block letters (i.e. alotta stuff you'll find at aero and even though in their guys graphic tees they're moving away from it they still put "american eagle" all over their hoodies.. which annoys me cause they make the most comfy hoodies ever but I don't want to wear them cause of the huge block brand names across the chest lol) Check out anchor blue.. they've got cheaper but more better clothes imo.

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  • First of all, congrats on the weight losss!

    And yeah someone already mentioned it but you can go to flea markets & thrift shops that are pretty cheap. ALSO there's these trading post stores where you can trade a piece of your clothing for another that's the same value! I think you can google the store, it's called Crossroads or something. Good Luck! :)

  • well if labels don't matter maybe try thrift stores. I go with my best friend and we find clothes we love that are really cheap. We have also found name brand cloths for low prices. You never know what your going to find.


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  • What's your budget? Tell me that and I can try to give you a sort of plan of action.

  • Are you still in the closet? I mean it's okay to come out of it.

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