Where to go for good vagina waxing?

I shave but it usually ends up bumpy or a little bruised. Also I can never seem to get to the hairs near my inner lips. I want a clean deep shave. Some girls say it isn't worth it because they can't walk later but someone else just told me its the wax product used not the waxing itself. I have to find a good quality one. Any girl know any good waxing products for vaginas or even better a good wax salon?
I live in the Bay Area by the way


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  • I would go to a nice spa for your first one and spend the money. After that, start doing it yourself. I do it myself all the time now and it saves so much money. I do touch-ups every 2-3 weeks. I like doing it in shorter intervals so the hair doesn't grow that much and it's easier and less painful.


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  • If you google places by you and look at the reviews that might help


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