Are there any white guys that find black girls attractive?

It seems to me that white guys rather stay inside their race or date other girls besides black girls. If there are whites who find us attractive, what things and features would a black girl attract you ?


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  • Black girls are interesting physically because they're never just 'okay.' You've got black girls who look like goddesses and you've got black girls who could scare their own reflection away. There's no middle ground at all. I've never in my entire life seen a black girl I would rate as just "okay" looking.

    That being said, I'm not opposed to dating a black girl, but there's an intimidation factor there that isn't there with other races, as well as certain negative stereotypes that do come into consideration.

    Black girls have a bad reputation for being loud, obnoxious drama queens and while it isn't true of all of them or even the majority, it is a negative stereotype that can keep people of other races from approaching them. However if a black girl proved that she wasn't like that, and was well-spoken (didn't speak using obnoxious slang every other word) yeah, I'd approach her.

    The intimidation factor comes from the fact that, sexually, there's a stereotype about black girls that says they like it rough. Rougher than a lot of people feel comfortable giving it.

    Say what you will about how offensive there stereotypes may be and whether or not they're true, but the fact is that they're there. And until a black girl can prove she isn't like that, many people will pre-judge her based on those stereotypes.

    • Wow thanks. That was some good use of information. I wish that every black girl could have read this because it's so true. But there are other races that have bad reps, not just us. But even though they do, I still know that there is some good people of that race. I really wish my race wouldn't come off that way because I would like to date a white guy. Not just because of my looks but because of my intelligence, my open mindedness, my classiness and my warm sense of humor

  • I find black girls attractive. An attractive girl is an attractive girl. Most any guy will sleep with a girl, no matter what color she is. The only issues I have had in the past are with my familys' disapproval. But, hopefully this generation is changing a bit.

    • Really ? So how would I know if a white is interested in me ?

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    • I have dated 2.

    • Only dated about 5 girls though.

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