Job description - Navy pilot?

Could anyone please tell me what exactly the job description of a navy pilot is? What actions do you have to carry out and such. I tried to look of the internet but I found it difficult to get a straight forward answer. Thank you :)


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  • well you'll need to look up some navy sites,

    im not sure where you're from, if you'r in australia I could help out much more as I was training to become a pilot.

    try looking at your navel base sites around the area that you are thinking of going too,

    you could always just go to an inlistment and ask them what the job description is,

    it usualy takes about 3 years aof theory before you actualy get to really start to fly,

    its about 90% theory and 10% prac,

    so be warned, a lot of people jump in and don't realize how much study is actualy involved in this kind of job

    • Thanks. I actually have a family friend that's going to take me to the air force base he's working at so I can speak with the instructors. I'm nervous but I need to find out what becomg a naval pilot actually entails. Thanks again :)

    • Oh and yes, I do live in Australia.

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  • I got this from thee U.S. Navy's website under the Specific Responsibilities section:

    "As a Pilot, you may:

    Take part in antisubmarine warfare and mine countermeasures, as well as search and rescue operations and vertical replenishment missions

    Receive specialized training on the advanced tactical systems found on Navy aircraft

    Conduct enemy surveillance by collecting photographic intelligence"

    I assume all Navies do the same thing. Hope this helps.

  • I'm not very sure but, as a navy pilot you would be a pilot on some aircraft carrier.


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