WAIST TRAINERS.. Good or bad?

I just bought Ann Chery's waist trainer so I'm basically knew to this... is it okay to use it throughout the day or should I only use it for three hours daily?


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  • Do not. I repeat. Do not go for a full day in a new waist trainer. They require as much breaking in as a pair of shoes. Not to mention your body not being able to adapt to the long term compression of your major organs. Your body may assume compressive asphyxia and then you'd be in trouble.

    Wear it for the amount of time stated until the shape of your body has been registered by the trainer. Then slowly increase the amount of time out wear it.

    • Thank you! My instructor said to use it for three hours daily , do you think that amount of time is ok for a beginner?

    • Three hours is always the beginners starting time schedule as it produces the best starting results. However, if you're feeling uncomfortable before the full three hours, please take it off. It also causes a sense of overheating in some people which causes dehydration. Just do however you feel comfortable just don't surpass the three hour limit for the time being 😊

    • Thank you Sora! 💕

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